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In reality, nobody likes to think about dying; we all would rather think happy thoughts instead! Ideally we would love to be around to enjoy our children and their children! At first when we began working on this system, we felt it was a bit "creepy" or "scary" because we didn't want to really think about death, especially our own. However, the more we thought about it, the more we felt that it needed to be done! 

As we all know life doesn't always work out that way we want it to. We've all experienced loss in some way; we all have loved ones we miss and would give the world to see or hear from one more time!

ThoughtsBeyond(TM) was created by Pablo & Heather Varando (a couple out of Houston, Texas) with the idea that there needed to be a system out there that could help bridge the gap of death for families. Heather lost her first husband who was also the father of 3 kids; and watching the kids graduate we wished that he would of had the chance to draft messages to them providing guidance and advice. A simple idea; but one that would have meant so much to the kids; aswell as to her. It's the simple things in life that mean so much to us all! What would you give to get some kind words from a loved one that has passed on?

In addition to creating a revolutionary system that would bridge this gap; we also wanted to make it affordable for anyone to be able to benefit from it! We wanted to create a system that middle class individuals (not just the mega-rich) could use to leave messages for loved ones that would be delivered many years later on in life, but more importantly, to provide them with the peace of mind that their message would be sent when and how they wished. Anyone can record a video and leave a DVD for family members; but sending a message at the right time (a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, etc), the right ocassion and/or the right moment will make all the difference; this is something that we can help make a reality for you!

Imagine if your grandchild could get an email sent directly to them from you? Where you are directly talking to them and telling them how much you love them; or giving them advice on life and more! Imagine being able to leave some final words for your loved ones when you pass letting them know that they meant the world to you and that you love them very very much! ThoughtsBeyond(TM) provides you with the ability to say the things we all wish we could say or hear, one last time; or many many more times in the years to come!