Houston Nightclubs

Ok, lets get something straight: a nightclub, as defined by Websterís Dictionary, is a place of entertainment that is open at night. Thanks, Webster, youíve just described almost every bar on the planet. Since the term is somewhat all encompassing and the dictionary is obviously going to be of little help, lets examine what nightclubs in Houston are by figuring out what they are not. First, nightclubs in Houston are not gritty little hole-in-the-wall bars with neon decor and a tendency to smell. Second, they are not places where the walls are only adorned with televisions broadcasting ESPN. Third, they are not places where the only form of entertainment comes from a rickety pool table or an electronic dartboard. There you have it. Now that you know what nightclubs are not, convincing you to check out the Houston nightclub scene shouldnít be hard. If all else fails, remember that they will probably be beautiful, the drinks will probably be served in something other than bottles and the music will probably be good for dancing.
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1117 Prairie St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 832.200.8800
The former Sam Bar in the Alden-Houston hotel got transformed into a+, the hippest nightclub to lounge in and knock back a few cocktails while chilling to some of the coolest DJ stylings spinning an eclectic mix of lounge, house and jazz. At a+ the trendy Houston lounge crowds start showing up after work to nosh on some excellent appetizers and imbibe from a+'s extensive cocktail menu. Before and after the club scene, a+ fills its contemporary chic walls with Houston bar hipsters dressed to impress and conversing to the beats.

Absinthe Brasserie

609 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.7575
The Absinthe Brasserie is a classy Houston lounge hangout popular with a welcoming mix of professionals that features a menu to rival that of any restaurantóbut with loads more cachet. The Absinthe nightclub is peppered with small tables around the main bar and cozy sofas tucked away in the corners providing a more intimate setting for impressing your date. Speaking of which this Houston bar and nightclub can give you all the image bolstering you need, but you've got to find it first; there's no sign out front so just look for the heavy wooden doors to open up your new life as a well-heeled Houston hipster.

Grasshopper / Red Lights

506 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1442
A sleek ultra-modern downstairs at Grasshopper in Houston with itslong sweeping bar and deep booths gives way to the bumping and grinding upstairs dance club of Red Lights where the dance competition can get fierce. The cocktails at the Grasshopper nightclub can get a little pricey and the lines can get long, but that seems to be the norm at places that bill themselves as upscale lounges and dance clubs so prepare yourself accordingly.

Hush Nightclub

15625 Katy Frwy., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.330.4874
This Houston dance club is massive hosting a hot nightclub scene on three floors with chill out spots and semi-private booth seating, Hush is a must for any hipster that's comforted by ultra-lounge decadence. Resident DJs provide slick beats to the teeming masses on the dance floor and Hush also draws in some big name special guests to pump their already frenetic vibe up a level. The owners of Hush really spared no expense—seriously they must have had a budget to rival the GDP of some small nations—when they designed this hot and hip Houston nightclub, and once you step inside, you'll see the ultimate veracity of that statement.

M Bar

402 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1022
The M Bar is a posh nightclub for Houston's chicer than thou A-listers to relax, lounge, drink expensive cocktails and dance in. A seriously lavish and decidedly upscale, see and be seen dance club that looks as if it belongs in Vegas or Milan, M Bar draws the beautiful and hip to its lush seating areas to enjoy bottle service and private conversations about who knows what. But don't think that M Bar is all monied superficiality because the bartenders pour the premium cocktails fast and strong, and the DJs start the night by spinning some decent loungy vibes that drop straight into some deep funky house tracks by the time the night starts rolling.

Mantra / Club Ice

711 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.3500
A two-floor Houston nightclub with the Mantra lounge occupying the bottom and the thumping beats of Club Ice reigning over the top floor, this nightclub caters to a hip see-and-be-seen set that packs both floors on the weekends to wallow in some chic hospitality. Some of Houston's slickest DJs man the decks to kick out some deep soulful house down in Mantra while their upstairs counterparts keep the crowds dancing with hip-hop, funk, house and anything that gets booties shakin'.

Maxwell's Club

9255 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.661.1915
A snazzy Houston nightclub for the 25 and up set that are tired of partying with the kids, Maxwell's Club drops some old school funk over the packed main dance floor for singles getting their groove on. Maxwell's Club also has two smaller rooms that offshoot from the main with pool tables and such, but if you're at one of Houston's hottest dance clubs, what the heck are you doing shooting pool? Also, those in the know descend of Maxwell's Club every Friday for one of the best complimentary happy hour buffets around.

Mercury Room

1008 Prairie, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.6372
Quite possibly the swankiest—in the Hef sense—nightclub and lounge in Houston, the Mercury Room is steeped in so much retro cool and vintage hipness that you'll swear the front door is really Mr. Peabody's way back machine set permanently to reach the coolest joints ever over the last 100 years. The Mercury Room plays host to Houston lounge hipsters that are more into vintage deco opulence than Baroque modernism sipping on fine cocktails and chilling out to some occasional live music.


1503 Chartres St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.1717
Meridian is one of Houston's best partying nightclubs and live music venues to catch national touring acts, have some drinks with a few hundred of your closest friends and well, basically, party. Meridian also opens up early so the long lines that plague some other Houston nightclubs are often absent here, all the better to facilitate the always good times here. If you need a breather from the boozy partying and slamming live music, Meridian has a back pool table and video game room to chill in.


511 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.224.8855
A exclusive club for the Houston A-lister set and those that just long to be, Mint is almost all VIP seating offering bottle service upstairs while downstairs the beautiful people mingle with well-heeled hipsters over conversations backed by unobtrusive DJ stylings. Mint is an elegant Houston Lounge that starts popping late with nightclub hoppers meeting up for a chilling spell at this hotspot. Don't worry though if you're just a regular downtown Houston denizen, you can still partake in Mint's decadent lounginess, you might just have to slip someone a Jackson.


2020 McKinney, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.221.8833
Designed after the underground, but definitely upscale nightclubs in New York, Next brings all that swanky dance and lounge decadence to Houston. This modern dance club has plenty of private VIP areas for the discerning partier each with their own themes and featuring bottle service with as little or as much privacy as you want. The main events, however, take place on Next's dance floor that is continually packed from open til close with hipsters and beautiful people grooving to the hottest spinners in Houston manning the decks behind a highly polished metal DJ booth. Those in the know are flocking to Next and you could join them, but you've got to find it first—remember, underground—so park it in the Warehouse district and follow your dance party senses, and the gaggle of people you didn't know Houston had, to this hot nightclub.


300 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.8338
The drinks are cheap and the music is always hot at Numbers, one of the oldest—and we guess most decorated—Houston live music and dance clubs. Numbers has seriously been around forever so when we say decorated the last thing we're talking about is the décor. Some of Houston's best up and coming bands have shaken the sound system at Numbers and this live music venue has also hosted some well-repped national acts. The scene is decidedly no frills and no attitude, a place where twenty-somethings not into hip-hop bravado can relax with 50-cent beers, cranked up rock, punk, rockabilly and emo, and dance the night away.


412 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.6787
The well-heeled beautiful set packs into Opus nightclub in Houston on the weekends to chill out in the lounge or rev things up on the dance floor while slick DJs provide the music and the libations flow freely from Opus' multiple bars. People-watching is taken almost to an art form at this Houston dance club for both celebrity spotters peeking into the vault-like VIP lounge and voyeurs scoping out Opus' hired dancers, who do their thing above the dance floor go-go style in cages. Opus lounge and nightclub sports what you'd expect from a sleek Houston dance mecca—a hefty, but not too hefty cover charge, a dress code and premium booze at premium prices.

Paparazzi Bar

4303 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.626.9463
A chic little nightclub in Houston, Paparazzi Bar aims at being a Euro-style lounge catering to a see and be seen crowd. This upscale lounge also provides bottle service and cigars, if you're so inclined, for their chic patrons and, we guess taking the whole paparazzi to heart, this Houston nightclub provides disposable cameras so you can document your pseudo-celebrity lifestyle.

Pink Monkey

709 Franklin St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.227.3422
Dancing and drinking are the only two tenets that the Pink Monkey, a new and ever-packed dance club in Houston, holds dear to its little simian heart. The drinks are good and reasonable, the slick DJs always spin hot tunes for the gyrating masses and a decidedly hip set spreads across this nightclub until the wee hours of the morning.

Red Star

2606 Fannin St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.655.7827
Decked out like a luxurious palace from Czarist Russia, the Red Star is a hip lounger and dancer's paradise filled with more cool topical design than the propaganda it was inspired by. This Houston nightclub hotspot has a couple of floors, one of the coolest VIP rooms anywhere, a dance floor that never stops and a rooftop patio giving drinkers a superb view of downtown Houston. Red Star, running against other Houston lounges, offers moderately priced cocktails and plenty of them from their partying bar staff and, seriously, if dancing in a crowd to eclectic DJs is your poison, Red Star has you more than covered.

Ruby Room

509 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1033
A chill lounge and hot dance club located above the Slainte Irish Pub, the Ruby Room is a favorite weekend hangout for the young and beautiful Houston hipster set. Resident DJs keep the crowds moving on the dance floor while those into people watching or lounging teem on the Ruby Room's balcony that overlooks Main Street. Also, the upscale environs are made just that much better by the excellent cocktails served by their ever-friendly staff that keeps the Ruby Room drinkers thirsting for more.

Rumba Club

11030 Kingspoint Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.947.8622
The dressed to impress dance party scene is flocking to the Rumba Club in Houston to get a heavy dose of salsa and merengue. This posh Houston nightclub is decidedly upscale and gorgeously decorated with a sound system that rivals any club. Rumba Club insiders know to get there early on the weekends for some free salsa lessons to hone their skills before the dance floor gets packed.

Shadow Bar

213 Milam, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.221.5483
Houston hipsters frolic in the deep red ambient glow of Shadow Bar nightclub to be treated decadently in its loungey space. Slick resident DJs keep the dance party moving for clubbers who are always dressed to impress and this incredibly spacious, yet wholly intimate, Houston dance club hosts some slammin' special events that turn its already hot scene up a few degrees.

The Wunderbar

2305 Alabama St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.9227
The new Wunderbar is a hot destination spot for clubbers; from their twenties to their sixties. Dance to resident DJs spinning a smooth mix of new and old school with some R&B and jazz thrown in for flavor or chop it up in the lounge with Houston's movers and shakers . The Wunderbar gets seriously packed almost every night.


711 Franklin St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.224.4862
TOC Bar is a busy Houston dance club for those just getting their bar legs under them creating a raucous booze fueled party that's a freakin' blast if you have absolutely no responsibilities nagging at you in the morning. DJs spin a mix of hip-hop, dance, Latin and reggae keeping the young clubber masses dancing at TOC Bar until closing at this hot Houston nightclub.
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