Houston Neighborhood Bars

If there was ever a style of bar that truly knows no bounds, the neighborhood bar is it. Since itís not the style that defines them, but rather the location, neighborhood bars enjoy the privilege of behaving however they want to and adopting whatever style they feel like. From swanky lounges to Irish pubs to nitty-gritty dives, the variety in neighborhood bars is abundant in all areas except for one: they are the Cheers of the recreational spectrum. More than any other venue, neighborhood bars are the places where familiarity is bred. In a big city like Houston, these laid-back havens are the places for everyone and anyone to find friendly faces, mellow bartenders, wallet-friendly drinks and an unpretentious down home feel. Houstonís neighborhood bars serve southern charm on tap to just about every crowd, whether they wear Prada, Birkenstocks, or the clothing of the opposite sex.
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Candy's Hideaway

4924 Yale, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.697.1513
The continually packed Candy's Hideaway is a phenomenal Houston neighborhood bar where you can bend your elbow with minimal elbowroom. Seriously, starting right off from Monday forward Candy's Hideaway teems with regulars and newcomers enjoying an amicable drink together and, on the weekends, this neighborhood bar gets even more packed, if that were possible, when local live bands take the stage.


600 W. Gray St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.527.9101
The kind of place that you would take anybody for some easy drinking and a good time, Cecil's is a Houston neighborhood bar institution from back in the day. Unfortunately a small fire forced a change in their once dive bar décor, but Cecil's has lost none of that flavor and it's still the best place to grab a drink on the cheap and barstool philosophize with the regulars who span the entire Houston drinker spectrum. Also, audiophiles will still relish in Cecil's jukebox that has to be one of the best and most eclectically stocked in town. The front deck of Cecil's remains as one of the most chill places in Houston to kick it.

Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill

7340 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; 713.864.9744
2000 Bagby, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.527.0261
The absolute best burgers in Houston can be found at Christian's Tailgate Bar and Grill a downright institution, and heck, the boozing here ain't half bad either. Consistently written up and voted number one for their all about the burger fare one almost forgets that Christian's Tailgate Bar and Grill also hosts local live music so your toes can tap while your mouth waters. Seriously, this is a Houston local bar favorite and no trip here is complete without a beer and a Christian's burger.

Dog House Tavern

2517 Bagby St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.1118
The Dog House Tavern is a more than friendly neighborhood bar catering to the young Houston biz pro set and sometimes to their canine companions. Even if the dogs aren't in the Dog House Tavern, this comfortable Houston bar invites its' patrons to hang their pictures on the self-styled doggie wall of fame. Pool and sports dominate the dark wood and brick interior.

Ernie's on Banks

1010 Banks St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.4566
A laid back neighborhood and sports bar in Houston, Ernie's on Banks caters to the hometown local sports fan that likes to discuss the finer points of the game rather than drunkenly whoop it in some senses assaulting 30 TV joint that shows obscure sports just to have them on. Ernie's on Banks is seriously the perfect neighborhood bar for the sports buff and the upstairs bar and patio area can easily accommodate large parties.

Front Porch Pub

217 Gray Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.571.9571
The Front Porch Pub is probably the most kicked back neighborhood bar in Houston featuring nothing more than good food, friendly people and an extensive beer list all set al fresco. Younger khaki clad regulars drop by at all hours of the day and night, sit back on the porch and relish in the neighborhood bar atmosphere of the Front Porch Pub for hours, a great happy hour also brings the crowds in.

Griff's Café & Bar

3416 Roseland St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.9912
Before the Houston bar scene explosion there was Griff's Café and Bar, a definitive Houston neighborhood bar landmark that started kicking over forty years ago and shows no signs of letting up. Local sports are huge at Griff's, the Astros, the Rockets and the Texans all get equal fan time from the TVs, staff and the long list of patrons who are considered regulars at this local bar. Also, in something of a coup de grace to other sports bars, Grifff's Café and Bar has itsown open top party bus to haul their boozers to and from home games. This really should be enough for you to put Griff's on your regular drinking tour of Houston, but we'll give you one more reason: St. Patrick's Day—seriously it's one of the biggest celebrations in the state, and that's saying a lot.

Hans Bier Haus

2325 Quenby, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.7474
This little Houston neighborhood bar specializes in imported and domestic beers with a good smattering of wines thrown in. Hans Bier Haus also has two great patios where you can imbibe in the sunshine and kick it outdoor leisure style with a pitcher of your new favorite brew. To complete the laid back Houston backyard beer party scene, Hans Bier Haus has two Bocce Ball courts in back where you can try to roll yourself to fame and glory.

JP Hops House

2317 S. Highway 6, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.496.0623
Beers reign supreme at JP Hops House—as you might have surmised from the name—with a couple of dozen of brews on tap and many, many more offered by the bottle. A small stage at this Houston neighborhood bar caters to the musical stylings of a decidedly folksier variety while in the back at JP Hops House revelers engage in some serious dart tournaments.

Jumps Bar & Grill

13180 Westpark Dr. Ste 301, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.870.8463
Jumps Bar and Grill is a Houston neighborhood bar where, after one visit, the owners and staff will be calling you a regular. Jumps features nightly drink specials to help ease the pain of the five nights a week karaoke—a definite challenge to any drinker who sometimes finds the little monkeys amusing, but more often finds them annoying. But, at least Jumps Bar and Grill counteracts the boozy renditions of "Friends in Low Places" with pool table tourneys.

Kelvin Arms

2424 Dunstan Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.5002
Decked out in traditional Scottish tartan under the watchful gaze of the Scottish flag and over 40 variations of their signature sweet brown liquor, Kelvin Arms bar and pub in Houston more than has the cure for your Scottish yen. Also, Kelvin Arms pub stocks the jukebox with all the favorite sons and daughters from the British Isles to keep the joint rocking, so you can rest assured that the swaying comes from the music and not the sixth dram of scotch you just downed. With over 20 beers on tap and some decent pub fare, Houston's only Scottish pub is a great place to hang with your newly recruited crew of soccer hooligans and make sure you pay homage at the shrine to the greatest actor, alive or dead, ever—in case you're wondering, it's Sir Sean Connery, no argument, period.

Kenneally's Irish Pub

2111 S. Shepherd Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.630.0486
Kenneally's Irish Pub, a true Houston neighborhood bar institution, has been around so long that the new offspring of regulars from when it first opened are now of legal drinking age and having their inaugural pint at their parents watering hole. Of course Kenneally's offers all the Irish pub food you'd expect and they also serve some killer pizza, some say the best in Houston and you may think that's not in character, but no one cares because the stuff is so darn good. If you want a real, homey Houston neighborhood bar experience, hit Kenneally's Irish Pub.

Little Woodrow's

2306 Brazos St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.1041
2301 W. Alabama St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.529.0449
5611 Morningside Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.2337
The quintessential Houston neighborhood bar, all Little Woodrow's locations attract the young and old and the professional or not into their homey depths to throw back liberal amounts of beer and catch some sports on the televisions. There are usually nightly beer specials at these Houston neighborhood bars, but they do vary by location at Little Woodrow's so check out the one in your neck of the woods and see what they're pouring.

Lizzard's Pub

2715 Sackett St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.529.4610
With a homey, lived-in quality second to none, Lizzard's Pub is one of the most accommodating Houston neighborhood bars around. You can catch the game here, down some cheaper than usual drinks, and shoot some pool or lounge on one of the back room sofas. Lizzard's Pub caters to a diverse, amicable crowd that likes just sipping drinks and full blown partying equally and this Houston bar really cements the notion that even if you come alone, you're going to leave with friends.


3839 Southwest Fwy., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.621.8125
A friendly Houston neighborhood bar, Muldoon's keeps the frills to a minimum and the imbibing to continuous. With an amicable staff and clientele, Muldoon's feels like the bars your dad used to tell you about and frequent himself. So why don't you go follow in daddy's footsteps and park your harried Houston butt at this neighborhood bar.

Roeder's Pub

3116 S. Shepherd, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.524.4994
A relaxing neighborhood bar that probably boasts the most loyal regulars of any Houston bar, Roeder's Pub is a huge after-work gathering place for everyone from biz pros to industry workers. Roeder's Pub gets packed from opening til close with some of the best, no frills and less attitude imbibers in Houston and their outdoor patio offers a little oasis from your usual hustle and bustle. Perhaps the most telling sign that you're drinking in a friendly neighborhood bar is the fact that, even though Roeder's Pub doesn't have a kitchen, if you get hungry there's a slew of places that deliver to this bar, just ask for a menu.

Ron's Pub and White Horse Inn

1828 Fountain View Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.977.4820
Ron's Pub and White Horse Inn can be a little intimidating to newcomers because the cast of regulars at this quintessential Houston neighborhood bar have been drinking together so long that they seem like family. But, fear not, just grab your drink and hang out a few times because once your face becomes a fixture, you too will become a Ron's Pub regular. Really comprised of two bars, this Houston neighborhood bar also plays host to some of the cities best dart tournaments during the week and just a good darn drinking time whenever.

Shady Tavern

1206 W. 20th St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.869.7000
Open air, tiki torches, come as you are with plenty of beer and liquor is the creed that the Shady Tavern lives by. Even though this local Houston bar once hosted a raucous live music scene, and still books bands occasionally, the Shady Tavern has shown no signs of slowing down despite the gentrification of the neighborhood. The Shady tavern is still a local favorite to grab a drink in or watch the game and, sometimes, the haughty neighbors will even join in the revelry.

Sherlock's Pub

10001 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.977.1857
1997 W. Gray Ste A, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.1881
2416 Bay Area Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.461.4702
228 West First St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.446.0407
With four locations just in Houston, Sherlock's Pub has set its elf up has the prime neighborhood watering hole vaguely steeped in a British theme for their respective locales. However, the crowds of college aged partiers and twenty-something regulars really don't care what the theme of Sherlock's Pub is because these local Houston bars always keep the spirits up and flowing with numerous pool tables, dartboards and TVs that vie for your attention over the cheap drinks and boisterous crowds.


1424 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.2788
Known in Houston just as much for its reputation as a post professional sports team collapse congregation bar as for its more than dangerous daiquiris, Slider's embodies the Houston neighborhood bar serving its crowds of diverse patrons very, very well. Also for when the pain on the TVs gets to be too much to bear or the rampant socializing gets to be a little much (if that's even possible), Slider's has pool tables, foosball and pinball for you to take out your frustrations on.

Tall Texan Drive Inn

4904 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.862.0141
Cheap beer and plenty of it have been the tenets for continued existence of the Tall Texan Drive Inn for years and in a day and age where many bars in Houston go for flash over substance, it's great to see that traditionally simple icehouse style establishments can still thrive. The crowds at the Tall Texan Drive Inn range from those just getting their beer chops to old booze hounds that have been enjoying its camaraderie for years and will probably continue to support their neighborhood bar for years to come. Remember before you go that the Tall Texan Drive Inn only serves beer, but they do keep some "set-ups" behind the bar for those that travel with their own supply of liquor.

The G.R.A.B. (Game Room and Bar)

809 Pierce, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.655.0707
The GRAB in Houston maintains that elusive neighborhood party bar feel while sitting among some decidedly tony and trendy clubs where the expensive cocktail is king. At GRAB Game Room and Bar beer and shooters reign supreme for the older cast of regulars and the twenty-somethings gearing up for the weekend bender. Pool tables abound and the musical selections create the perfect backdrop to GRAB's laid-back, but parting hard scene.

The Ginger Man

5607 Morningside Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.2770
Hands down the largest beer selection in Houston resides at The Ginger Man, a great neighborhood bar for the beer lover in all of us. They seriously sport beers from every region of the world and the homey interior can host casual tastings or raucous parties. Also, The Ginger Man has two patios for al fresco imbibing.

The Tipsy Clover

2416 Brazos St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.524.8782
At The Tipsy Clover, a great neighborhood style bar find in downtown Houston, friendly, efficient service is not just reserved for regulars, it really is the norm. Seriously, from the bartenders on down the staff couldn't be more affable which is sometimes a rarity at busy Houston bars. The Tipsy Clover is comprised of two rooms, one reserved for drinking while playing bar games and the other for just, well, drinking... okay and lounging on the couches next to the fireplace.

Under the Volcano

2349 Bissonnet, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.5282
Music rules at Under the Volcano, a thatched roof Tiki bar in Houston, because the owner is a serious eclectic audiophile and has stocked the jukebox with his personal collection that spans the musical spectrum from alt-country to zydeco. Well to do twenty-somethings meet and mingle at Under the Volcano for a little liquid vacation and to occasionally hear live music acts of every stripe in this kitschy retro lounge, island inspired, local Houston bar.


6100 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.348.3258
The cheapest beer in Houston can be found at Valhalla, located in an old chemistry building at Rice University. College kids into serious reflection rather than serious boozing rub elbows with grad students and professors conversing intelligently over $1 beers—seriously the bartenders work on a volunteer basis and the bar is non-profit so, yeah, $1 beers. So if you missed out on your college years or just don't exactly remember them too clearly, pop into Valhalla, a truly unique Houston neighborhood bar.

West Alabama Ice House

1919 W. Alabama St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.6874
The West Alabama Ice House has been serving its particular Houston neighborhood ice cold beer and good times for over 75 years, never succumbing to either frills or fads. This is a true Houston neighborhood bar classic that plays out more like a daily backyard barbecue than anything else, you'll likely see the same regulars day in and day out, but the West Alabama Ice House's down home country vibe really makes it incredibly easy for newcomers to fit right in.
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