Houston Lounges

Lounges in Houston come in many forms; some specialize in unique martinis, some cultivate a distinct European ambiance, some resurrect the '50s and call it retro. No matter what atmosphere youíre looking for, chances are high that thereís a version of it being cooked up and recreated in a lounge somewhere. Throughout Houston, these groovy little lairs can be found pumping out strong drinks, mellow vibes and catering to every crowd whose nightlife preference involves low lighting, plush couches, cushy barstools and a tangible pulse. Kitsch hipster dives showcasing contemporary art, swanky hangouts with sleek, post-modern furniture and glamorous havens filled with the beautifully clad listening to throbbing techno are only some of bars in Houston that wear the "lounge" title.
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1117 Prairie St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 832.200.8800
The former Sam Bar in the Alden-Houston hotel got transformed into a+, the hippest nightclub to lounge in and knock back a few cocktails while chilling to some of the coolest DJ stylings spinning an eclectic mix of lounge, house and jazz. At a+ the trendy Houston lounge crowds start showing up after work to nosh on some excellent appetizers and imbibe from a+'s extensive cocktail menu. Before and after the club scene, a+ fills its contemporary chic walls with Houston bar hipsters dressed to impress and conversing to the beats.

Absinthe Brasserie

609 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.7575
The Absinthe Brasserie is a classy Houston lounge hangout popular with a welcoming mix of professionals that features a menu to rival that of any restaurantóbut with loads more cachet. The Absinthe nightclub is peppered with small tables around the main bar and cozy sofas tucked away in the corners providing a more intimate setting for impressing your date. Speaking of which this Houston bar and nightclub can give you all the image bolstering you need, but you've got to find it first; there's no sign out front so just look for the heavy wooden doors to open up your new life as a well-heeled Houston hipster.

Boaka Bar

1010 Prairie, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.6372
See and be seen club goers cross the Iron Curtain of a century ago to get pampered like a Czar at the opulent Boaka Bar, a Russian themed Houston dance club that is anything but ordinary. The slick resident DJs keep the crowds up and moving with the latest pop and hip-hop tracks while the bartenders keep the drinks flowing over the bar. The weekends see twenty-somethings crowding the bar, dressed to impress and looking for their own private Romanoff.

Chaise Lounge

4219 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.861.2300
With its' low slung designer sofas and low lighting, Chaise Lounge is a sleek hipster hangout in Houston that caters to club goers seeking a chill place to sip a few cocktails and relax to the soulful jams piped over the sound system. The Chaise Lounge is a perfect venue to garner a little image bolstering.

Club Ultra

108 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.9108
This sleek lounge and dance club in Houston caters to those willing to pay for their hipness. Club Ultra works it with three floors, each with its own dance floor and bar, full of dressed to impress clubbers grooving or kickin' it on the designer furniture. The cocktails can get a little pricey, but you've got to relish in the decadent atmosphere that Club Ultra provides. Also, they offer bottle service so you and your crew can chill in some private seating and pour til your livers content.

Deco Lounge

510 Gray, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.659.4900
The sleekest Houston lounge opening at 7am has to be the Deco Lounge that offers a little booze with your morning coffee in their low-key interior that sports the designer lines and tones of the art deco period. This comfortable, but decidedly hip venue is a chill place to hang during the day, to study or meet with clients. At night, Deco Lounge keeps their low-key chill vibe with DJs providing some hip background noise to the decidedly more intelligent conversation than your average bar.

Downing Street

2549 Kirby Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.523.2291
The spare interior at Downing Street invites intimate conversations in their secluded booths or on their sumptuous couches while libations are expertly poured from Downing Street's better than well-maintained and stocked bar. A well-heeled, but unpretentious set makes up the regulars at this local Houston bar and lounge, and a walk in humidor keeps a selection of cigars quite comfortable for your smoking pleasure.

Empire Club

108 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.9108
With three floors sporting three different, but interconnected decadent themes, the Empire Club brings a decidedly international flavor to the Houston dance club scene. Well-heeled clubbers pack this ultra-stylish club for a night of dancing that ranges from hip-hop to Latin tracks provided by some of Houston's hottest DJs manning the decks. All the patrons at the Empire club are seriously dressed to impress so take that to heart if you're heading on down or else you're going to be kickin' it with the door man outside while your crew gets their dance on at this Houston nightclub.


2905 Travis St. Ste A, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.701.4248
Plush suede booths and throbbing beats encompass the well-heeled and flashy set that frequents the Escobar dance club. The bar serves up some stiff if expensive cocktails, but you know velvet rope styled hipness isn't free and Escobar patrons are definitely dressed for the occasion. Resident DJs provide the beats piped through the blistering sound system commanding the dance floor.

Fedora Lounge

10630 Westheimer Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.785.5567
The Fedora Lounge is a laid back venue for the biz pro set who enjoy sipping on cocktails and puffing away on cigars while having their corporation rattled nerves soothed by cool jazz stylings piped over the speakers. The drinks can get a little pricey at Houston's Fedora Lounge, but that's because the well is premium and the mixers usually come out bottles that give this sophisticated lounge's cocktails a definite flavor edge.

Heat Bar and Lounge

908 Congress, Houston, Texas; 713.226.7210
Thursday through Saturday the twenty-something clubber set packs into Heat Bar and Lounge for some ultra-throbbing dancing and drinking. Some slick resident DJs provide the slamming beats at this Houston dance club as the crowd lounges on the plush furniture, scopes the hot go-go dancers or struts their stuff on the laser-lit dance floor. Also contained within Heat Bar and Lounge's decadent walls is a late night Hibachi grill that serves sushi and grilled snacks in case all that dancing wasted your pre-party booze food a little quickly. The main floor VIP room is by reservation only, so if you really want to look the Houston player, call ahead.


202 Tuam St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.9393
An exclusive Houston dance club for the beautiful set, Hue sets the bar high for a night out of hot clubbing and trendy chic lounging. Despite the long wait for some in line to revel in Hue's decadence, this dance club and lounge is teeming with people that look as if a limo just dropped off hoards of model search contestants, and we're not talking the B-team model search contestants. Let's face it kids, hip and cool isn't free and the heavy handed mixed drinks at Hue reflect that, but once you're inside this posh Houston dance club and lounge, you really won't care how much you're dropping on your bar tab. Not only have they created one of Houston's hottest dance club scenes, but huge props go out to Hue for getting some of Houston's hottest chick DJs to man the decks.

Indigo Lounge

2151 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.524.5551
Hands down one of the best party scenes in Houston happens nearly every night at the Indigo Lounge where a slightly kitschy, hip ambiance envelops eager clubbers and partiers to get their heads spun by the hot Latin and top forty fueled dancing and celebratory drinking. If you're drinking life has hit somewhat of a rut lately, you owe it to yourself to check out this Houston nightclub because the Indigo Lounge can, without fail, place you on a different path; you know, the one that leads to partying down with butt-loads of hotties.

Kentucky Club

2707 Fountain View Dr. #2, Houston, Texas; Tel. 832.252.7267
This upscale Houston nightclub and lounge sets the bar remarkably high for other bars aspiring to claim that moniker. The Kentucky Club puts a heavy emphasis on the martini with a list that reads as a boozy encyclopedia, especially when you add the cocktail list addendum. This hip Houston lounge also has more TVs than the local electronics store and some chic designer furniture to park your well-heeled butt on. At the Kentucky Club deep house or techno provides the backdrop for conversations among the cliquish, but unpretentious crowd.

Licor Lounge

2204 Louisiana St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.654.0869
Like they stole the set pieces from some imagined live action Jetson's movie and then the packages got mixed in with some of Kubrick's visions, the Licor Lounge is definitely one of the coolest Houston dance clubs to knock back some booze in, shake your groove thing and find your own personal space jockey or jockeyette. The club itself has raised cubistic areas for dancing or sitting and the Licor Lounge thankfully doesn't just cater to one type of music—you can hear everything from hip-hop and house to pop classics and rock, basically anything that gets the crowds moving. The atmosphere and décor at this Houston nightclub really defies definition, but we gave it our best and we'll sit by the phone waiting for the Pulitzer people.

Lobby Lounge (in The Four Seasons Hotel)

1300 Lamar St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.650.1300
A-listers, rock stars, dignitaries and celebs frequent this minimalist hotel lounge inside the Four Seasons for some lush cocktails among the decidedly lusher appointments. The Lobby Lounge boasts an extensive collection of wine and spirits for its upscale crowds that include a heavy dose of opera and theater lovers on performance nights.

Lounge at Benjy's

2424 Dunstan St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.7602
This low-key upstairs Houston lounge is steeped in bachelor pad royale lounge ambiance with some Polynesian Martin Denny Exotica thrown around for flavor. The Lounge at Benjy's is a phenomenal place to grab a cocktail before dinner at the restaurant below or just grab a cocktail. The Lounge at Benjy's offers drink specials nightly and late night, suave Houston hipsters pack the bar and chill to some loungy jazz tunes.

M Bar

402 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1022
The M Bar is a posh nightclub for Houston's chicer than thou A-listers to relax, lounge, drink expensive cocktails and dance in. A seriously lavish and decidedly upscale, see and be seen dance club that looks as if it belongs in Vegas or Milan, M Bar draws the beautiful and hip to its lush seating areas to enjoy bottle service and private conversations about who knows what. But don't think that M Bar is all monied superficiality because the bartenders pour the premium cocktails fast and strong, and the DJs start the night by spinning some decent loungy vibes that drop straight into some deep funky house tracks by the time the night starts rolling.

Mantra / Club Ice

711 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.3500
A two-floor Houston nightclub with the Mantra lounge occupying the bottom and the thumping beats of Club Ice reigning over the top floor, this nightclub caters to a hip see-and-be-seen set that packs both floors on the weekends to wallow in some chic hospitality. Some of Houston's slickest DJs man the decks to kick out some deep soulful house down in Mantra while their upstairs counterparts keep the crowds dancing with hip-hop, funk, house and anything that gets booties shakin'.

Mercury Room

1008 Prairie, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.6372
Quite possibly the swankiest—in the Hef sense—nightclub and lounge in Houston, the Mercury Room is steeped in so much retro cool and vintage hipness that you'll swear the front door is really Mr. Peabody's way back machine set permanently to reach the coolest joints ever over the last 100 years. The Mercury Room plays host to Houston lounge hipsters that are more into vintage deco opulence than Baroque modernism sipping on fine cocktails and chilling out to some occasional live music.


2306 Genesee St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.0123
Houston's sleek post-modern futuristic lounge Meteor is well stocked with fashionable young gay men sitting on their cooler than cool sofas and divans sipping cocktails to the up-tempo beats and pulsating video displays. Everybody's incredibly friendly, from the staff to the patrons, at Meteor and they also host some of the best theme nights of any bar including drag queen bingo, pro ladies happy hours and a raucous Sunday night karaoke.


511 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.224.8855
A exclusive club for the Houston A-lister set and those that just long to be, Mint is almost all VIP seating offering bottle service upstairs while downstairs the beautiful people mingle with well-heeled hipsters over conversations backed by unobtrusive DJ stylings. Mint is an elegant Houston Lounge that starts popping late with nightclub hoppers meeting up for a chilling spell at this hotspot. Don't worry though if you're just a regular downtown Houston denizen, you can still partake in Mint's decadent lounginess, you might just have to slip someone a Jackson.


2020 McKinney, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.221.8833
Designed after the underground, but definitely upscale nightclubs in New York, Next brings all that swanky dance and lounge decadence to Houston. This modern dance club has plenty of private VIP areas for the discerning partier each with their own themes and featuring bottle service with as little or as much privacy as you want. The main events, however, take place on Next's dance floor that is continually packed from open til close with hipsters and beautiful people grooving to the hottest spinners in Houston manning the decks behind a highly polished metal DJ booth. Those in the know are flocking to Next and you could join them, but you've got to find it first—remember, underground—so park it in the Warehouse district and follow your dance party senses, and the gaggle of people you didn't know Houston had, to this hot nightclub.


412 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.6787
The well-heeled beautiful set packs into Opus nightclub in Houston on the weekends to chill out in the lounge or rev things up on the dance floor while slick DJs provide the music and the libations flow freely from Opus' multiple bars. People-watching is taken almost to an art form at this Houston dance club for both celebrity spotters peeking into the vault-like VIP lounge and voyeurs scoping out Opus' hired dancers, who do their thing above the dance floor go-go style in cages. Opus lounge and nightclub sports what you'd expect from a sleek Houston dance mecca—a hefty, but not too hefty cover charge, a dress code and premium booze at premium prices.

Paparazzi Bar

4303 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.626.9463
A chic little nightclub in Houston, Paparazzi Bar aims at being a Euro-style lounge catering to a see and be seen crowd. This upscale lounge also provides bottle service and cigars, if you're so inclined, for their chic patrons and, we guess taking the whole paparazzi to heart, this Houston nightclub provides disposable cameras so you can document your pseudo-celebrity lifestyle.


910 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.2542
A laid back and hip local bar and lounge, Prive takes great care of all their patrons' senses that truly matter. Smooth rhythms bounce around the chic interior from the sound system under the gazes of popesque inspired local artwork and people watching is a definite pastime on their patio thereby taking care of your aural and visual senses. Prive offers cigars—with some legal selections from our little socialist neighbor to the south—for whatever sense cigars are good for and their eclectic menu of cocktails will appeal to your sense of economy imbibing. Prive seriously just gives you that hip lounge atmosphere without all of the pretensions that are plaguing other Houston lounges, so anything else you may derive from this local bar is just icing.

Rickshaw Bambu

2810 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.942.7272
On the weekends Rickshaw Bambu, a phenomenal Houston sushi restaurant, becomes a posh lounge under the command of DJs spinning low-key chill tunes for Houston's young biz pro set. On the nights when the DJs man the decks, Rickshaw Bambu serves its tasty menu until midnight, making this lounge a great place for some late night conversing and noshing.

Ruby Room

509 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1033
A chill lounge and hot dance club located above the Slainte Irish Pub, the Ruby Room is a favorite weekend hangout for the young and beautiful Houston hipster set. Resident DJs keep the crowds moving on the dance floor while those into people watching or lounging teem on the Ruby Room's balcony that overlooks Main Street. Also, the upscale environs are made just that much better by the excellent cocktails served by their ever-friendly staff that keeps the Ruby Room drinkers thirsting for more.

Shadow Bar

213 Milam, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.221.5483
Houston hipsters frolic in the deep red ambient glow of Shadow Bar nightclub to be treated decadently in its loungey space. Slick resident DJs keep the dance party moving for clubbers who are always dressed to impress and this incredibly spacious, yet wholly intimate, Houston dance club hosts some slammin' special events that turn its already hot scene up a few degrees.


908 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas
This newish Houston dance club and lounge specializes in visual eye candy for its hip and trendy crowd that come in for the stiff drinks and dancing, but stay at Soho because this lounge, hidden by an entrance in the adjacent Prive Lounge, is just so kick back cool. Besides the appealing drinks, slick DJ spinners and strobing lights, Soho also releases from their shells some of Houston's burgeoning wannabe strippers on the dance floors two stage level dance poles... talk about eye candy.

Suede Lounge

1000 Prairie, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.227.5500
Originally a low key hipster lounge for clubbers that liked conversation over cavorting, Suede Lounge has recently become one of downtown Houston's hottest dance clubs for those that like their swankiness with an edge. By that we mean, you have to check out the cocktail staff at the Suede Lounge; more entertainers than servers, these hotties are a little risqué, dancing on the bar in their high heels and fishnets. However, that's not to say that there aren't other great aspects about this Houston nightclub; the décor is art-deco cool, the drinks flow and the crowd has that "in the know" attitude, but, umm, have you seen the cocktail waitresses at Suede Lounge?

The Davenport

2115 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.1140
Low-key, hip and casual are the testaments to The Davenport lounge in Houston and they probably serve the most dangerous cocktail in town. With bottles behind the Davenport bar extending almost to the ceiling, this Houston lounge knows how to treat imbibers. Their multi-page martini list alone would take a serious sot a while to sample and The Davenport's single malt scotch collection is unrivaled in Houston. Also, this retro-styled lounge hosts an eclectic selection of music from bygone era crooners to slick DJs expertly manning the decks to keep the hipster vibe grooving.

The Dirt

222 Yale, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.426.4222
The Dirt is so hip that you've probably never heard of it, but this Houston Lounge is certainly there hosting a crowd that's as modernistic as the interior. Projectors flash some arty R-rated decidedly un-mainstream images over the walls at The Dirt to a soundtrack that's rooted on the indie rock station on the dial.

The Flat

1701 Commonwealth, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.3528
Like hanging at your buddy's apartment only with much better drinks, sounds and people is the staple at The Flat local bar and lounge in Houston. A newer venue that's kick back, cool and hip, The Flat showcases some deft deep groove and house DJs that keep the eclectic crowd mesmerized by the sounds if not by their dangerously stiff cocktails.

The Light

2315 Bagby, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.3000
A little hard to find, but The Light is well worth the search because this Houston local bar and lounge is simply just a cool place to have a relaxing drink with friends in. The Light has that hip artsy lounge vibe without all of the velvet rope pretentiousness of some other clubs, the staff is cool, the crowd is cool, the drinks are reasonably priced and always flowing in this chic Houston lounge that definitely gets our vote as a bar paradise—and that has nothing to do with the whole never a cover charge thing.

The Lounge

4704 Montrose, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.0020
A smallish Houston nightclub, The Lounge packs in a hip bar and sushi restaurant into itscozy digs that gets hopping most nights with young biz pros seeking inexpensive drink choices. The Lounge gets the well-heeled and hip grooving to the sounds of some slick DJs and your more party style live bands.

The Mezzanine Lounge

2200 Southwest Fwy. Ste 150, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.6399
The best precision combination bar melding in Houston is evidenced in The Mezzanine Lounge that houses a raucous sports bar upstairs and a chill out hip lounge downstairs for people that want the best of both worlds under one convenient roof. The sports bar at The Mezzanine Lounge has a ton of TVs constantly tuned to the likes of ESPN with special nights when they get Pay Per View fights and such while downstairs Houston lounge hipsters kick back. Both floors of the Mezzanine Lounge are fueled by one kitchen that serves up some excellent pub grub until the wee hours of the morning so you can grab a sobering bite before slogging it through the Houston night.

The Mink / The Back Room

3718 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.9985
Vintage retro hipness is embodied in The Mink, a cool Houston lounge bar that makes a pledge to you the drinker that you'll always hear the best rock, indie, alternative, whatever music around from local live music acts and some touring nationals upstairs and never rap or hip-hop. This happening spot is a local favorite in Houston for meeting up with friends and chilling out with some wallet friendly cocktails under the distinguished chandeliers on cool vintage couches. The Mink and The Back Room lounge, with their affable staff, will seriously make you feel right at home and when there's not live music at The Mink, they'll treat you to some eclectic DJ stylings from local spinners. Check out The Mink: you won't be disappointed and your hip quotient will definitely rise.

The Social

3730 Washington, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.426.5585
This laid back hipster hangout features a skilled list of rotating DJs that mix varying genres of music, predominately house, to the masses of people that crowd The Social's minimalist interior and huge, welcoming patio. The Social is fast becoming the hotspot in Houston to kick back with friends, meet new ones or just meet your old friend the liquor bottle for another fun filled evening.

The State Bar and Lounge

909 Texas St. Ste 2A, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.229.8888
The State Bar and Lounge is an upscale, classic Houston bar where you're likely to hear business deals going down over a few martinis or riffs on the Astros over a few beers. Whether it's sports or business, the crowd is definitely biz pro making happy hour at The State Bar and Lounge a gathering point for neighborhood professionals who stop in for premium liquor and a bar menu that can rival some of the best restaurants in Houston.

Twelve Spot

218 Travis St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.222.1962
A kicked back retro lounge for the more mature hipster set, the Twelve Spot in Houston has two levels that serve a late twenties crowd that aren't into the club scene any longer, but are still into cocktails with friends and want a place to drink and hang out. This upscale, but unpretentious Houston lounge seriously has some of the best drinks around and the bartenders have almost an encyclopedic knowledge of all things libation. The décor at the Twelve Spot screams retro cool with comfy seating, high ceilings (really high ceilings) and chic art adorning the walls for a little eye candy other than the patrons.


3302 Mercer St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.627.1132
Uropa is a hideaway Houston dance club and lounge that has a separate room to fit any and every vibe. The packed dance floor, held in command by slick DJs, often spills over into the main bar and lounge areas, but it's all good because everybody is seriously just there to have a good time: read as "no drama." The drinks are poured fast and heavy at Uropa for the hip twenty-something crowds that bring their friends, but otherwise keep this chill Houston hipster retreat to themselves.
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