Houston Live Music Clubs

Houston and the live music scene go together like pregnant women and pickles. Of all of the forms of entertainment in all of the bars in Houston, it seems that live music is everyone's favorite. Rich in blues and country roots, there are dozens of places to find gritty notes being pushed out from an artist who wears sunglasses on stage. Edgier music crowds congregate at raucous clubs where heavy rock is chased with a shot of Jack, and groups who favor the unplugged style tend to gather in smaller pubs or coffee shop-type venues for acoustic folk, Celtic or bluegrass performances. Anyone who’s seeking a sultrier note won’t have trouble finding sensational jazz dens where rich voices seduce martini-sipping crowds. Latin dance clubs in Houston also offer a tremendous selection of live performances that allow for dancing in various styles, such as Salsa, Flamenco and Rumba.
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Amazonia Discoteque

11449 North Fwy., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.260.9885
Featuring 100-percent Latino fueled nightlife, Amazonia Discoteque gets Houston's feet moving and hips swaying nearly every night of the week with live music or DJs offering up the latest in scorching salsa-style dance revelry. Patrons get dressed to the nines and strut their stuff on the dance floor at this extremely popular Houston dance club and live music venue.


2604 Dunlavy, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.1993
Brasil is the perfect melding of artsy coffeehouse and hipster bar in Houston which features some ethnically driven local live music and DJs dropping beats right alongside self styled poets using the small stage for a bully pulpit. Unfortunately at Brasil, the bar aspect isn't as well rounded as the coffeehouse/ healthy eatery one because they only serve beer and wine, but this local Houston bar is a perfect place to kick off an evening with something out of the ordinary to bolster your hipster quotient.

Bungalo 8 Nightclub

1463 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.570.9801
This rock and roll themed Houston sports bar can be small and intimate when it needs to be, but the Bungalo 8 Nightclub can also get jammed packed with hundreds of drinkers on the weekends taking in the local live music acts jamming onstage. On Thursdays, that same stage at Bungalo 8 plays host to local Houston wannabe rockers with their signature karaoke night.


4100 Montrose, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.9621
The best local and nationally touring live jazz acts roll through the ultra chic Cezanne to wow the serious music lovers that pack into its' classy walls. Houston needed a live music club like this and Cezanne delivered, and the musical stylings don't just stop at traditional jazz, live acts along the musical spectrum from Latin jazz to Western swing break out their gear and tickle the ears of the always appreciative hip crowd.

Club Riddims

8220 West Bellfort, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.779.0033
The reggae nation in Houston collects at Club Riddims to groove to some serious live music on the weekends and resident DJs manning the decks dropping house and hip-hop. Club Riddims also pays homage to the fairer sex with ladies night every Wednesday, but even without that added incentive this dance club gets wall to wall.

Continental Club

3700 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.529.9899
The Continental Club serves up retro cool vintage styled hipsters and rockabilly punks with an undeniable laid back vibe. This Houston bar and live music club gets their kitschy rock on starting Monday with lounge steeped resident house band El Orbits and just doesn't quit after that featuring mostly local acts with some national tourers for flavor. Cheap drinks and plenty of them are the norm at the Continental Club and even though the suits crashed the regular bingo party, the big board still stands like a totem presiding over the cool chicks and hep cats making up the pantheon of regulars.

Cosmos Café

69 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.802.2144
Good food, good booze and live music five nights a week are the hallmarks of Cosmos Café in Houston that serves a hip older set some excellent grub and then steers them toward the stage to relish in some almost famous and always rocking local live music.

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

1031 E. 24th St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.862.8707
A decidedly blue-collar set packs in to Dan Electro's Guitar Bar in Houston for a heapin' dose of Texas fueled roots rock, blues, bluegrass and country nearly every night to swill some beer and take in Electro's vintage guitar collection. Dan Electro's Guitar Bar also sports one of the best back garden patios in Houston.

Dean's Credit Clothing

316 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.227.3326
Simply one of the best bar concepts we have ever come across in Houston is embodied in Dean's Credit Clothing—a thrift store and bar rolled into one serving a good looking and hip crowd. Improvised rock bands provide some live music stylings on certain nights at Dean's and when these local bands don't provide music to shop for vintage clothing by, DJs man the decks and fill in the musical spaces with sounds centralized around acid jazz.

El Pueblito

1423 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.6635
The back room at El Pueblito Guatemalan-Mexican restaurant in Houston hosts live music than usually comes in the form of a soloists and their instrument, but sometimes they do venture into larger Latin combos. The adjacent back patio is a great place to down a margarita and take in the cool south of the border vibe.

Fat Cat's

4216 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.869.5263
Little has changed from the old Mary Jane's save the name, a new coat of paint and the improved sound at Fat Cat's, thankfully. The same regulars and college rock aficionados still inhabit the interior on a nightly basis preferring to mix with their own rather than be subjected to newer venues where the crowds and views are more diverse than these hipsters. Homegrown brews and drinks are preferred at Fat Cat's and the crowds down them with zeal.


2706 White Oak Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.862.3838
Being around forever in the Houston live music scene hasn't slowed Fitzgerald's down in the least. Houston alternative rockers, punks, slackers, skaters, rockabilly rebels and those that love them and the music flock to the Houston live music club that loves them back. Local rockers fresh out of the garage often share the stage with powerhouse up and comers downstairs while more nationally recognized acts get the crowds thrashing upstairs all heated with liberal amounts of sweat and booze.

Forgetta'bout It Sports Bar

13245 Jones Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.807.4116
Locally grown live music acts specializing in rock and sports dominate the Forgetta'bout It Sports Bar in Houston where headbangers can get their fill. This Houston live music club also books some national acts, but as long as the music's load, the customers will come. For those not into getting whiplash while still liking driving rock, Forgetta'bout It has a tamer back room with pool tables and video games.

Gallant Knight

2337 W. Holcombe Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.665.9762
Serving Houston for over 20 years, the Gallant Knight's dark, dive bar style interior plays host to some serious down home R&B with local live music acts setting up among the crowds on the small stage four nights a week. The Gallant Knight is a hip place to hang with friends or flying solo and partake in some cocktails that seem like they where priced when this live music club opened and then forgotten about while grooving to the cool sounds in a world that too often is dominated by cookie-cutter DJs spinning their rhetoric in cookie-cutter clubs.

Howling Coyote

6536 FM 1960, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.444.3401
The live music blues scene hits Houston in the form of the Howling Coyote featuring the best local talent with some drop ins by national touring acts. The drinks and the music flow out of this blues club with equal force and if there's a better staff around for keeping your glass full or dropping some knowledge about the band, we're at a loss to find 'em. These elements synergize in the Howling Coyote to keep this Houston live music club teeming with audiophiles looking for some down home blues.

Jax Grill

1613 Shepherd, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.861.5529
Down home barbeque and raucous partying are the staple at Houston's Jax Grill, that has a great come as you are unpolished feel, some dangerous cocktails and simply grubbing food. This Houston local bar staple gets the party rocking every night and on the weekends, music lovers who like it zydeco style congregate for the local live music at Jax Grill.

Last Concert Café

1403 Nance, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.226.8563
Not your ordinary joint to catch a show, the Last Concert Café is probably the most eclectic live music club in Houston. The Last Concert Café features live music nightly usually in the jam band, blues, world beat and rock veins with cheap drinks and outdoor festival like good times. If this wasn't enough, Last Concert Café is also a great Mexican restaurant.

McGonigel's Mucky Duck

2425 Norfolk St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.5999
Live music in the folk, blues and Celtic veins are the main draw at Houston's premier venue for personal, intimate shows. McGonigel's Mucky Duck is also a killer Irish pub that offers a full menu of all your emerald Isle favorites, made from scratch and so authentically good you're likely to start speaking with an Irish brogue. This bar is truly one of Houston's best for drinking, eating and music that gets wall to wall with music lovers whether there's a live show or not. National touring acts and local faves set up and start riffing at McGonigel's Mucky Duck nearly every night, they're always excellent and this Houston bar is always a good time.


1503 Chartres St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.225.1717
Meridian is one of Houston's best partying nightclubs and live music venues to catch national touring acts, have some drinks with a few hundred of your closest friends and well, basically, party. Meridian also opens up early so the long lines that plague some other Houston nightclubs are often absent here, all the better to facilitate the always good times here. If you need a breather from the boozy partying and slamming live music, Meridian has a back pool table and video game room to chill in.

Mr. A's

3409 Cavalcade, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.675.2319
Mr. A's in Houston takes patrons on a musical journey through its loungy depths with the hippest local zydeco live music acts, so you can sip some cocktails while listening to yet another great offspring of New Orleans. Also, Mr. A's gets a steady booking of jazz, blues, soul and funk acts for the supreme pleasure of the Houston music aficionado.


300 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.526.8338
The drinks are cheap and the music is always hot at Numbers, one of the oldest—and we guess most decorated—Houston live music and dance clubs. Numbers has seriously been around forever so when we say decorated the last thing we're talking about is the décor. Some of Houston's best up and coming bands have shaken the sound system at Numbers and this live music venue has also hosted some well-repped national acts. The scene is decidedly no frills and no attitude, a place where twenty-somethings not into hip-hop bravado can relax with 50-cent beers, cranked up rock, punk, rockabilly and emo, and dance the night away.

Remington Bar (St. Regis Hotel)

1919 Briar Oaks Ln., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.840.7600
An upscale Houston hotel bar if ever there was one, Remington Bar inside the St. Regis Hotel offers well-heeled, decidedly adult drinkers a playground of their very own. Fine cigars are offered at Remington Bar from the hotel's private humidor further enhancing the already billionaire boys club atmosphere while fine liquor is poured from the bar. Also, on the weekends, live jazz soothes the nerves at this haute Houston lounge.

Rudyard's British Pub

2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.521.0521
Technically a British Pub and filled mostly with Houston denizens rather than British ex-pats, but that little factoid doesn't detract any from Rudyard's nascent charm and neighborhood bar feel. The bar its elf is well stocked with brews from the Isles sitting alongside domestics and their heavy-handed cocktails are always a favorite to get the night crowd rolling. If your roll gets going a little too well at Rudyard's British Pub though, not to worry because their kitchen stays open late and the fare that it serves up is some of the best bar food in Houston—go in there anytime and get a burger and you'll instantly know what we're talking about. Also, the owners of Rudyard's have recently been hosting live music nights upstairs showcasing local Houston talent firmly set in the indie and alternative veins to compliment their already killer jukebox.

Sam's Concert Pub

5636 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.785.7267
Sporting two bars and numerous pool tables, Sam's Concert Pub packs partiers into its friendly depths for a night of live music—usually cover bands, but, heck, it's local live music—or DJs showing their chops manning the decks. Also, this Houston local bar can certainly win over anyone with Sam's offering of nightly 30-cent wings.

Sammy's at 2016 Main

2016 Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.751.3101
This newer Houston live music hotspot has been packing lovers of jazz since it threw open its doors. Sammy's at 2016 Main hosts live music every weekend always starting things off with the venerable Houston jazz musician Sammy Relford, who just so happens to own the club, so even before hearing an ensemble, you know the riffs are going to be top notch. Sammy's at 2016 Main bagged jazz hipster status the moment it opened, so if you caught that soul wave early, congratulate yourself, if you haven't yet been to this Houston jazz club; what exactly are you waiting for?

Scott Gertner's Sky Bar

3400 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.520.9688
This is the bar in Houston to hear some world-class live jazz in one of the coolest settings anywhere. Scott Gertner's Sky Bar really takes the name to heart because it sits like a heavenly oasis above a Montrose high-rise offering its well dressed biz pro crowds a spectacular view of Houston. The jazz is always hot at Scott Gertner's Sky Bar, the crowds are see and be seen hipsters and, like we said, there is no better view in Houston.

Sidecar Pub

11202 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.807.4040
This local Houston bar favorite, the Sidecar Pub plays host to a slew of regulars from all walks of life that crowd the bar to sample the more than 140 bottle beers from around the world and listen to multiple alt-rock or metal bands sharing the stage. Bands and patrons alike rave about the acoustics at the Sidecar Pub while they're raving about this live music club and bar's awesome nightly happy hour that features $1.25 domestic bottles and $1 shots.

The Axiom

2524 McKinney, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.522.8443
The Axiom is bringing the punk/ indie live music rock scene back to Houston through the major input and support of Infernal Bridegroom Productions—a local theater troupe who is known throughout Houston for their oscillating poignant to flippant underground productions. When there's a show on, whether theater or live music, The Axiom fuels the irreverent party with cheap boozy drinks for the eclectic mix of Houston punk slackers and artsy intellectuals.

The Big Easy

5731 Kirby, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.523.9999
The Big Easy in Houston is a rocking blues club that offers up to patrons local live music acts seven nights a week. The Big Easy, modeled after the blue-collar drinking and music holes of New Orleans, packs more than enough soul and down home drink fueled rocking party style into an intimate spot that seems at odds with its' more gentrified neighbors.

The Engine Room

1515 Pease St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.654.7846
The up and comers of the Houston live music scene mingle with some national headliners at The Engine Room that caters to crowds as diverse as their live music acts. The bar serves up some decidedly blue-collar choices for beer and the cocktails are notoriously stiff at The Engine Room. This large warehouse style club also has a phenomenal sound system that is in contrast to many other venues, so you know The Engine Room puts the music and their patrons that come to hear the shows first.

The Firehouse Saloon & Eatery

5930 SW Freeway, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.977.1962
The Firehouse Saloon and Eatery is usually kicked back until, that is, the live Texas fueled rock and country bands take the stage and The Firehouse gets packed with the whoop and holler crowds downing beers and clapping hands. The local Houston live music acts tend to frequent the cover band pool, but occasionally the stage is graced by an originator—doesn't mean the crowds are any less into it though, so get to The Firehouse Saloon early on show nights or you're gonna be standing partner.

The Shakespeare Pub

14129 Memorial Dr. Ste E, Houston, Texas; Tel. 281.497.4625
Despite the name sharing with the English Bard you're more likely to hear the classic works by our own poets of the guitar than of the pen. The Shakespeare Pub is a little slice of blues heaven in Houston that hosts live music usually four nights a week; always good and ever-funky. Blues and zydeco fans of all stripes flock to The Shakespeare Pub because they always book top draw local acts and then do something that is simply unheard of in the realm of live music... there's almost never a cover.

Walter's on Washington

4215 Washington Ave., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.864.2727
Walter's on Washington pours the drinks stiff for the good time, partying Houston dive bar denizens that flock in for the aforementioned dangerous cocktails and some local country, blues and rock live music acts. The early evenings are mildly slower at Walter's when regulars converse and shoot pool to the soulful backdrop of trains rumbling by bound for digs other than Houston.
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