Houston Icehouses

Beer, beer, and more ice-cold beer. The great thing about icehouses is that they feel more like backyard barbecues than they do drinking establishments. While some of them may be little more than lemonade-stand looking carts surrounded by picnic tables, each one is basically a shrine to hops. Occasionally, a pool table or a jukebox can be found adding a little something extra to the night, but it is the very simplicity of these little beer bars that makes them so perfect. Houston icehouses are uncomplicated, welcoming and full of southern charm. Kicking the formalities aside, each one offers the people the ability to just sit back, relax and enjoy a cold brew with other equally mellow beer-swilling patrons.
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C & F Drive Inn

6714 N. Main Street, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.861.0704
This open-air local Houston bar specializes in friendliness and pool, oh yeah at the C & F Drive Inn they also specialize in that one Texas Icehouse feature that makes them all great: ice-cold beer. The C & F Drive Inn also has plenty of pool table ‘cause nothing goes better with ice-cold beer than shooting some stick.

Jimmie's Place

2803 White Oak, Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.861.9707
A real Texas novelty, Jimmie's Place is a true Houston icehouse offering a welcoming, down home change to other local clubs and bars that can kind of tend to get a little full of themselves. Heck, Jimmie's Place is never anything more than an old school local icehouse bar where you can just kick back, down some cold domestic brews and listen to country.

West Alabama Ice House

1919 W. Alabama St., Houston, Texas; Tel. 713.528.6874
The West Alabama Ice House has been serving its particular Houston neighborhood ice cold beer and good times for over 75 years, never succumbing to either frills or fads. This is a true Houston neighborhood bar classic that plays out more like a daily backyard barbecue than anything else, you'll likely see the same regulars day in and day out, but the West Alabama Ice House's down home country vibe really makes it incredibly easy for newcomers to fit right in.
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