Neighborhood Bars in Houston

If there was ever a style of bar that truly knows no bounds, the neighborhood bar is it. Since it's not the style that defines them, but rather the location, neighborhood bars enjoy the privilege of behaving however they want to and adopting whatever style they feel like. From swanky lounges to Irish pubs to nitty-gritty dives, the variety in neighborhood bars is abundant in all areas except for one: they are the of the recreational spectrum. More than any other venue, neighborhood bars are the places where familiarity is bred. In a big city like Houston, these laid-back havens are the places for everyone and anyone to find friendly faces, mellow bartenders, wallet-friendly drinks and an unpretentious down home feel. Houston's neighborhood bars serve southern charm on tap to just about every crowd, whether they wear Prada, Birkenstocks, or the clothing of the opposite sex.

1919 W Alabama St Houston TX 77098
2111 S Shepherd Dr Houston TX 77019
2349 Bissonnet St Houston TX 77005
217 Gray St Houston TX 77002
3416 Roseland St Houston TX 77006
5607 Morningside Dr Houston TX 77005
600 W Gray St Houston TX 77019
1010 Banks St Houston TX 77006
2424 Dunstan Rd Houston TX 77005
6100 Main St Houston TX 77005

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