Live Music Clubs in Houston

Houston and the live music scene go together like pregnant women and pickles. Of all of the forms of entertainment in all of the bars in Houston, it seems that live music is everyone's favorite. Rich in blues and country roots, there are dozens of places to find gritty notes being pushed out from an artist who wears sunglasses on stage. Edgier music crowds congregate at raucous clubs where heavy rock is chased with a shot of Jack, and groups who favor the unplugged style tend to gather in smaller pubs or coffee shop-type venues for acoustic folk, Celtic or bluegrass performances. Anyone who's seeking a sultrier note won't have trouble finding sensational jazz dens where rich voices seduce martini-sipping crowds. Latin dance clubs in Houston also offer a tremendous selection of live performances that allow for dancing in various styles, such as Salsa, Flamenco and Rumba.

6400 Richmond Avenue Houston TX 77057
2604 Dunlavy St Houston TX 77006
2010 Waugh Dr Houston TX 77006
1403 Nance St Houston TX 77002
14129 Memorial Dr Houston TX 77079
2706 White Oak Dr Houston TX 77007
5731 Kirby Dr Houston TX 77005
1423 Richmond Ave Houston TX 77006
316 Main St Houston TX 77002
1613 Shepherd Dr Houston TX 77007

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