Medical Center

As the home of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, one of America's foremost treatment and research institutions, Houston's Medical Center has consistently gained national recognition in the past few years.

In addition to M. D. Anderson, which regularly raises more money and aids more patients than most hospitals in the world, the Medical Center also contains Ben Taub Hospital, the Baylor School of Medicine (one of the country's top medical schools), and Texas Children's Hospital, a nationally acclaimed pediatrics medical and research center.

The new light rail system winds through the Medical Center as well, making access to the region even easier than it was previously. Most of the streets are lined with fast food options such as Chipotle or Quizno's, and doctors (or med students) rushing back and forth along the sidewalks are a common sight.

Housing in the Medical Center is average to high-average for Houston, and features homes as well as a large array of apartment complexes, most of which have the words "Medical Center" in their title. The side streets of the area — where houses are situated — link together to create quaint neighborhoods of their own.
—Medical Center writeup by Joy Howard