One of Houston's most rapidly flourishing suburbs, the community east of Highway 59 and north of Humble is described as "the livable forest." A master-planned community developed by the Friendswood Development firm, Kingwood features "Greenbelts," which provide leisure activities, as well as scenic, wooded vistas by which residents can travel throughout the community. Kingwood residents rave about the Greenbelts.

In recent years, several national retailers have moved stores to a Kingwood location, either within the Kingwood Commons or the Town Center, thus boosting Kingwood's stock among Houston's suburbs. The area is home to four golf courses, including the Kingwood Country Club, which also features dining options and 26 tennis courts (and is frequently described as a "social focal point of the community").

Kingwood home prices are also slightly above the national average and somewhat higher than other Houston suburbs. The range tends to run from $90,000 to the millions, with a $65.41 median cost per square foot. All the schools in the area are ranked as either "Exemplary" or "Recognized," the two highest possible rankings, by the Texas Education Agency. There is no shortage of medical centers, with two large hospitals nearby, supplemented by four smaller ones and countless private practices within Kingwood.
—Kingwood writeup by Ted Bauer