Anyone who thinks that the dance scene in Texas is limited to the two-step and line dancing would do well to remember these two things: 1) you're wrong, and 2) stereotyping is rude. Not only has Texas stepped out of the honky-tonk dark ages, the city of Houston is running a dance scene that's on par with some of the wildest cities around. From clubs styled after upscale Vegas lounges to clubs styled after underground New York nightclubs, the dance clubs in Houston are rich enough in variety to please just about every toe-tapping yahoo that comes through their doors. The commonplace beats of Hip Hop and Top 40 are only some of the styles of music you'll find pumping out of the speakers around here. Almost every genre of music, from old school funk to seductive techno to Euro-lounge to Salsa, has a home in Houston.

6400 Richmond Avenue Houston TX 77057
2540 University Blvd Houston TX 77005
2207 Richmond Ave Houston TX 77098
2416 Brazos St Houston TX 77006
2811 Washington Ave Houston TX 77007
2533 Southmore Blvd Houston TX 77004
11555 Fuqua Street Houston TX 77034
6340 Westheimer Road Houston TX 77057
4617 Nett St Houston TX 77007
11449 North Fwy Houston TX 77060

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