Ok, lets get something straight: a nightclub, as defined by , is a place of entertainment that is open at night. Thanks, , you've just described almost every bar on the planet. Since the term is somewhat all encompassing and the dictionary is obviously going to be of little help, lets examine what nightclubs in Houston are by figuring out what they are not. First, nightclubs in Houston are not gritty little hole-in-the-wall bars with neon decor and a tendency to smell. Second, they are not places where the walls are only adorned with televisions broadcasting ESPN. Third, they are not places where the only form of entertainment comes from a rickety pool table or an electronic dartboard. There you have it. Now that you know what nightclubs are not, convincing you to check out the Houston nightclub scene shouldn't be hard. If all else fails, remember that they will probably be beautiful, the drinks will probably be served in something other than bottles and the music will probably be good for dancing.

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